Bower Theatre Announces 2019 Ensemble

Bower Theatre Announces 2019 Ensemble

Pictured: Gabriela Diaz

Bower Theatre has announced the cast and design team that will make up the company’s 2019 ensemble.

The season will open with Kevin Armento’s “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” and feature Felix Abidor (Donald), Gabriela Diaz (Teacher), Martina Logan (Mom), Andrew Robinson (Dad), and Alexander Utz (Red).

The production team includes Maddy Bernhard (Production Manager), Aliza Feder (Sound Designer), Owen Hickle-Edwards (Stage Manager), Kris Lantzy (Costume Designer), Dan Lewis (Lighting Designer), Charles Martin (Scenic Designer and Technical Director) and guest artist Tia B. Lantzy (Dramaturg).

The season continues in the fall with Jennifer Haley’s zombie video game thriller “NEIGHBORHOOD 3: Requisition of Doom.”

The cast includes Maddy Bernhard (daughter type), Owen Hickle-Edwards (son type), Kris Lantzy (mother type), and guest artist Huy Nguyen (father type).

The production team includes Felix Abidor (Production Manager), Gabriela Diaz (Assistant Sound and Lighting Designer), Aliza Feder (Assistant Director), Dan Lewis (Scenic Designer), Martina Logan (Costume Designer), Charles Martin (Technical Director), Andrew Robinson (Stage Manager), and Alexander Utz (Sound Designer).

Both production will take place at Otherworld Theatre in Lakeview. For more information visit

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