Bower Theatre Ensemble Announces Inagural Season

Bower Theatre Ensemble Announces Inagural Season

Newly launched Bower Theatre Ensemble has announced the lineup for its first season, featuring two world-premiere plays by Chicago playwrights: FRANKENSTEIN, adapted by Alexander Utz from Mary Shelley’s classic tale, and COLLAGE OF A DYSTOPIAN MIDWEST by Chris Vanderark.

“Many theater artists, especially those who identify as ‘hyphens’ get involved with companies because of unspoken expectations that they will get to do more of the art they enjoy,” states Artistic Director Bec Willett. “Unfortunately, the reality of running a company often means that more time ends up spent on administration and jostling for the few artistic positions that do exist, rather than growing as an artist. Bower’s structure aims to change this.”

Bower Theatre Ensemble will be selecting an ensemble of theatre artists on a yearly basis to work on multiple productions. To promote professional growth and collaboration, each production will see artists commit to a different role based on their preferences. Artists are encouraged to apply both for the roles they are most experienced in but also those they want to learn more about.

“The goal here is to avoid stagnation by creating a strong ensemble that spends their energy on growing as artists and creating great work that connects with the wider community.”

Bower Theatre Ensemble’s 2018 Season (from the press release)

Adapted by Alexander Utz from Mary Shelley’s classic tale
A World Premiere directed by Bec Willett
March 9 – 31, 2018
Heartland Studio, 7016 N. Glenwood, Chicago.

In this retelling of Mary Shelley’s classic Gothic horror story, the focus is not on the folly of man’s desire to create life, but rather on the ability of society to cast out and condemn an individual. Interwoven with elements of Shelley’s own life and the origin of the Frankenstein legend, the play is an exploration of how the monsters we conjure are not always as inhuman as they seem.

By Chris Vanderark
A World Premiere directed by Bec Willett
October 12 – November 3

Artificial Intelligence could replace many aspects of our lives — from mundane chores to our most intimate relationships. But when have we replaced too much?


Applications to work on these productions as part of the 2018 Ensemble are now open and can be accessed at

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