Curious Theatre Branch Announces 30th Season Opener

Curious Theatre Branch Announces 30th Season Opener

(L to R) Brook Celeste, Troy Martin, Paul Brennan, Julia Williams with Beau O’Reilly | Jeff Bivens

The Curious Theatre Branch will begin its 30th season with the world premiere of (NOT) ANOTHER DAY, a sung “non-opera” with video, written and directed by Founding Co-Artistic Director Jenny Magnus. The production plays September 7 – October 6 at Prop Thtr, 3502 N. Elston.

The set-up is an actor on the popular soap opera “Another Day” whose character is killed off, yet he refuses to leave the show. The producers have no choice but to stage his funeral. From there, the funeral goes on, day after day, stuck in a twilight soap opera world of constant drama. At the same time, a writer, who is composing the entire project, is concerned with the narrative elements of their story and its themes. Her mind comes to life as a Greek chorus of cheerleading-cop-parents who try to goad her into finishing her work. It’s all a very “meta” exploration of the way time is experienced.

(NOT) ANOTHER DAY is Jenny Magnus’ first large scale ensemble show since 2011’s Museum of Contemporary Art commission SILL IN PLAY: A PERFORMANCE OF GETTING READY. It’s also the first time in Magnus’ nearly 40-year-long career where she is not appearing on stage. She has always directed and composed her own work for her own performance.

The onstage cast of (NOT) ANOTHER DAY includes Paul Brennan, Leo Brun, Brook Celeste, T-Roy Martin, Beau O’Reilly, Vicki Walden and Julia Williams. The video elements feature Ian Belknap, Jayita Bhattacharya, KellyAnn Corcoran, Kelli Cousins, Ben Johnson, Shalaka Kulkarni, Pippen Mueller, Zoe Pike and Maggie Vaughn.

The production team includes Jeffrey Bivens (video), Ralph Loza at ESS (music engineering) and Gen Wurst, Sid Branca, Charlotte Hamilton, Stefan Brun and Simone LaPierre (production assistants).

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