Rescripted Announces Young Critics Mentorship Program Applications

Rescripted Announces Young Critics Mentorship Program Applications

Pictured: Regina Victor, Emjoy Gavino, and Oliver Sava

The Rescripted online arts journalism publication has announced the second session of “The Key: Young Critics Mentorship Program,” beginning September 18, hosted this year at Steppenwolf Theatre. Regina Victor, founder of Rescripted, created the 10-week training program along with entertainment critic Oliver Sava. In association with The Chicago Inclusion Project, The Key launched last year with its first group of young writers learning the skills and industry knowledge needed to pursue careers in arts criticism.

The program consists of bi-weekly review workshops, mentor lectures and guest speakers from different areas of the local arts community. The Key students also attend performances in Chicago and use these experiences to hone their reviewing skills.

“There is great value in training a wide range of young critical voices that can be a part of the artistic community instead of speaking at them,” said Victor. “Criticism is a conversation between artist and audience, and Rescripted was founded on the principle that a critic could show empathy and still utilize critical thinking skills. The way that we speak to each other has drastically changed and we no longer know how to critique or dislike without hate. Oliver and I come from very different critical backgrounds, and because of this we are the perfect blend of co-facilitators to ensure these students learn the tools of traditional criticism, as well as cultivate the empathy needed to write our way into a better world.”

“Our first session was an inspiring experience, highlighting the immense value of underrepresented perspective in the arts criticism conversation,” added Oliver Sava. “These young writers are clever, passionate, and eager to learn more about this field, and it’s been a pleasure helping them hone their skills and learn that a review is much more than a consumer report. It’s a historical document of an ephemeral, one-of-a-kind experience, and their reviews keep a production alive after performances end.”

“It is essential that the next generation of critics grows with the community’s rapidly changing landscape,” said Chicago Inclusion Project Founder Emjoy Gavino. “Regina and Oliver both have their finger on the pulse and I can’t wait to see how the students will flourish under their mentorship. Our industry needs these new voices.”

Applications are currently being accepted on Rescripted’s website through Monday, Sept. 10 from writers ages 16 – 23. The session begins Tuesday, Sept. 18 and meets every other Tuesday through November 27. For additional information and inquiries, e-mail [email protected].

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