Factory Theater Has Its FIGHT CITY Cast and Creatives

Factory Theater Has Its FIGHT CITY Cast and Creatives

Pictured: Jennifer Betancourt

The Factory Theater has announced the cast and production team for their Summer production of FIGHT CITY by Artistic Director Scott OKen.

Directed by Jill Oliver, the production features Jennifer Betancourt (Barb Davies), Almanya Narula (Avory), Mandy Walsh (Margaret), Jen Bosworth (Quaife, Noone), Ashley Yates (Argent), Meredith Rae Lyons (White), Grace Odumosu (Richards), Linsey Falls (Terry), Josh Zagoren (Relf), Eric Frederickson (Verne/Steele), Jae K. Renfrow (Leo), Kim Boler (Erica), Susan Wingerter (Valentine), Megan Schemmel (Price, Thug), Brittany Ellis (Chandler, Thug) and Harrison Weger (Weatherfoot). Understudies are Colin Milroy, Josh Greiveldinger, Cory Griffith, Kim Fukawa, Elizabeth MacDougald, Josephine Longo, Dan Krall, Carla McDowell, and Sara Robinson.

The production team includes Phil Claudnic (stage manager), Jermaine Thomas (assistant stage manager), Kevin Alves (assistant director), Manny Tamayo (production manager), Greg Caldwell (assistant production manager), Sarah Lewis (set designer), Carla Hamilton (costume designer), Emma Deane (lighting designer) Ben Zeman (sound designer), Holly McCauley (props designer), C.W. Van Baale (master electrician) Maureen Yasko (fight/violence designer) Chris Smith (fight/violence director) and Jason Moody (graphics designer).

FIGHT CITY runs July 14th – Aug 26th at The Factory Theater, 1623 W. Howard St. For more information visit TheFactoryTheater.com.

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