Ghostlight Has Its “Selfish Giant” Cast

Ghostlight Has Its “Selfish Giant” Cast

Pictured: Song Marshall

Ghostlight Ensemble has announced the cast for “The Selfish Giant,” a physical theatre reimagining of the Oscar Wilde short story of the same name adapted by Maria Burnham.

Co-Directed by Burnham and Miona Lee (who also serves as movement choreographer), the production features Jean E. Burr as Lydia along with cast members Tamsen Glaser, Molly Gloeckner, Sophia Hail, Nate Hall, Karissa Kossman, Song Marshall, Daniela Martinez, Kali Skatchke, Maggie Blair Smith and Zoe Savransky.

Weaving movement and words into a physical form of storytelling, “The Selfish Giant” tells the tale of an angry giant who builds a wall to keep children off his land, but discovers the perils of isolation and the negative consequences of selfishness.

“The themes of this story, originally published in 1888, resonate with modern audiences, tackling issues that we are still very much grappling with,” says Burnham. “The story is almost too relevant.”

“Physical theatre is really much more about, not a singular person, but what a group can provide you. What can we build together as opposed to one person standing and saying ‘Hey I’m a giant’ or ‘I’m a tree’,” says Lee. “The story itself is very much about inclusiveness and the way we’re building our world as well is really inclusive.”

Part of Ghostlight’s Nightlight series, “The Selfish Giant” runs June 8-30 at Otherworld Theatre in the Lakeview neighborhood. For more information visit

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