Lifeline’s A WRINKLE IN TIME Captures the Emotion and Humor of the Beloved Novel

Lifeline’s A WRINKLE IN TIME Captures the Emotion and Humor of the Beloved Novel

Pictured (l-r):  Glenn Obrero, Trent Davis and Jamie Cahill. Photo by Jackie Jasperson.

Review: A WRINKLE IN TIME at Lifeline Theatre

By Simone Nabicht

Lifeline Theatre’s production of A WRINKLE IN TIME, adapted by James Sie from Madeleine L’Engle’s novel, is the story of high school student Meg Murry (Jamie Cahill) who is transported with her younger brother (Trent Davis) and friend (Glenn Obrero) to rescue her father (Michael McKeogh), a government scientist, from the evil mastermind that has taken him prisoner. Along the way, they are helped by three witches, Mrs. Which (Carmen Molina), Mrs. Who (Javier Ferreira), and Mrs. Whatsit (Maddie Pell).

The source material is quite involved, but Sie has cut it down while still capturing the emotion and light humor of the novel. Directed by Elise Kauzlaric, and with a runtime of two hours, this adaptation has enough time to cover the story without leaving many holes. Cahill does a fine job as Meg, even if I found her expression of angst (primarily yelling) a bit off.

Mrs. Whatsit’s metamorphosis into a character with long, colorful wings was a particularly effective moment — aided by a clever scaffold set which supported the children as they “flew” upon the creature. The production is well illustrated by Kevin D. Gawley’s lighting design, culminating in a beautiful final moment for this beautiful story of good against evil.

A WRINKLE IN TIME runs through April 9th. For more information visit

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