Lookingglass Adds Ensemble & Artistic Associates

Lookingglass Adds Ensemble & Artistic Associates

Lookingglass Theatre Company has announced the addition of five new Ensemble Members and four new Artistic Associates. Joining the Ensemble are: actor Walter Briggs; performer, choreographer, producer, and director Kasey Foster; circus choreographer Sylvia Hernandez-DiStasi; actor, writer, and director Anthony Irons; and composer and sound designer Andre Pluess. New Artistic Associates include: actor Cordelia Dewdney; comedian, actor, writer, director, and filmmaker Wendy Mateo; costume designer Sully Ratke; and actor, musician, playwright, and filmmaker Matthew C. Yee.

“The Lookingglass Ensemble is thrilled to expand our ranks with these brilliant artists, who have shaped our past and will help drive our future,” said Artistic Director Heidi Stillman.

The Lookingglass Theatre Company Ensemble now consists of Kareem Bandealy, Mara Blumenfeld, Walter Briggs, J. Nicole Brooks, David Catlin, Thomas J. Cox, Lawrence DiStasi, Kevin Douglas, Christine Mary Dunford, Laura Eason, Anthony Fleming III, Kasey Foster, Raymond Fox, Joy Gregory, Doug Hara, Sylvia Hernandez-DiStasi, Anthony Irons, David Kersnar, Louise Lamson, Daniel Ostling, Andre Pluess, David Schwimmer, Joey Slotnick, Philip R. Smith, Heidi Stillman, Tracy Walsh, Andrew White, Temple Williams III and Mary Zimmerman.

Artistic Associates now include Atra Asdou, Christine A. Binder, Cordelia Dewdney, Christopher Donahue, Deanna Dunagan, Sara Gmitter, Tony Hernandez, Lauren Hirte, Joshua Horvath, J. Salomé Martinez, Jr., Wendy Mateo, Lindsey Noel Whiting, Ericka Ratcliff, Sully Ratke, Brian Sydney Bembridge, Scott Silberstein, Rick Sims, Alison Siple, Samuel Taylor, Lisa Tejero, Troy West and Matthew C. Yee.

Lookingglass also announced that Ensemble Member Kareem Bandealy is now serving as the company’s New Works Manager.

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