Organic Announces 2019 Season

Organic Announces 2019 Season

Pictured: Laura Sturm

Organic Theater Company has announced the two plays and directors that will make up the company’s 2019 season.

The season kicks off with Sarah Ruhl’s MELANCHOLY PLAY and will conclude with Vaclev Havel’s THE MEMO.

Organic Theater Company’s 2019 Season (from the press release)

March 20 – April 14
by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Company Member Laura Sturm

Tilly, a bank teller, personifies melancholy, which proves to be contagious in the world of MELANCHOLY PLAY. She is NOT depressed, but lives in such a sensual, yearning state of being that everyone she meets falls in love with her, including her therapist, her tailor, and her hairdresser. A whimsical, incredibly playful modern fairy tale that examines of the values of living in and enjoying the beauty of this active, sensorial state of being that our current culture has mostly left behind. Despite our modern connotations of the word Melancholy, the play is not sad at all, but a highly stylized and imaginative comedy.

May 22 – June 16
by Vaclev Havel, translated by Paul Wilson.
In addition to being a playwright, Havel was the last president of Czechoslovakia and the first president of the Czech Republic.
Directed by Company Member Bryan Wakefield

This Orwellian farce about language, bureaucracies, and surveillance takes place at the surprisingly real and relevant intersection of Monty Python, The Office, and 1984. MEMO follows Gross, the harassed managing director who unwittingly authorizes an experiment that will introduce an incomprehensible artificial language causing the breakdown of human relationships and their replacement by unscrupulous struggles for power. Playwright Vaclev Havel explores the self-deluding rationalizations and moral compromises that characterize life under a totalitarian political system.

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