PerformInk Is Back!

PerformInk Is Back!

(pictured: circa 2009)

15 years ago I arrived in Chicago ready to pursue my love of musical theater at Columbia College Chicago and then become a part of the Chicago theater community. Like many artists, I found myself at Act One bookstore looking for my copy of PerformInk. Much of what I learned about the theater scene in Chicago came from this bi-weekly publication, and the legacy of its publisher Carrie Kaufman. All these years later I still think fondly of what holding a copy of PerformInk meant to me. PerformInk made me feel connected to a vast and rich theater community, and a part of something so very exciting and ever-changing. I was an actor, and PerformInk was my link to all that was going on. Fast forward to 2016 and here we are on the cusp of a PerformInk rebirth, and the love and sentiment felt by many is not lost on Jason Epperson and I. The pressure is intense, and the excitement is palpable.

So, if you are reading this, and I’ve published this letter to the website that means we’ve pulled the trigger and PerformInk has come out of hibernation. This is exciting! Hello! You might have a few questions about the site, and that’s understandable. PerformInk is a work in progress; it will change as the days and weeks go on, as we build back the reputation and become even more connected to Chicago. Keep checking back, because I can promise you there are many things in the mix that we can’t wait to share. PerformInk, above all, is a home for the Chicago performing arts industry, and we want to hear from you, and we want you to be a part of this. As we grow PerformInk will become a home for not just theater, but all types of entertainment. A voice to highlight just how rich and diverse Chicago artists are. So, have an idea? Something you want to suggest PerformInk focus on? Let me know.  My door is always open, no idea is too small or too big. Art is ever-changing; life is ever-changing, and PerformInk will continue to change too.

And so I dedicate this letter to all those who’ve supported the arts, who’ve loved the arts, and most importantly, to those who’ve given their heart and soul to their art. Welcome home. Welcome back to PerformInk.

Let’s break some legs together,


Abigail Trabue
Managing Editor, PerfomInk

About author

Abigail Trabue

Abigail has worked as an actor/director in Chicago for over ten years, and along with husband Jason Epperson founded Lotus Theatricals in 2015, and PerformInk Chicago and Kansas City in 2016 (where she serves as Managing Editor of both publications). When not talking shop, Abigail is raising three padawans with Jason, drinking lots of coffee, converting school buses into RV's, and eating all the foods at Disney World. You can find her on Twitter @AbigailTrabue


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