Plagiarists Announce ENDEAVOR MIND Cast and Design Team

Plagiarists Announce ENDEAVOR MIND Cast and Design Team

Pictured: Subhash Thakrar

The Plagiarists have announced the cast and design team for ENDEAVOR MIND by Kim Z. Dale.

Directed by Jen Poulin, the production features Michele McAtee (Claudine Delaney), Lynette Li (Frances Westmore), Grace Hutchings (Addison Delayney), and Subhash Thakrar (Ray Delaney).

The production team includes Stage Manager Corina Dougherty, Production Designer Emma Cullimore, Projection Designer Smooch Medina, Sound Designer Robert Hornbostel, Lighting Designer Charles Blunt, Production Managers Christina Casano & Gregory Peters.

Claudine is a brilliant academic who sometimes wonders if she has settled for family and a boring job instead of pursuing her full potential. So when a new brain-enhancing technology is developed by billionaire tech genius Frances Westmore, Claudine jumps at the chance to be part of the program and pursue the dreams she had set aside. But this experiment will have unintended consequences, for Claudine and for those around her.

ENDEAVOR MIND runs October 5th – October 27th at The Den Theatre, Studio 3A, 1333 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago. For more information visit


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