Right Brain Announces ODESSA Cast

Right Brain Announces ODESSA Cast

Pictured: Logan Hulick

The Right Brain Project has announced the cast and design team for its final show of 2018, ODESSA by Michaela Heidemann.

Directed by Colin David, the production features Logan Hulick, Alison Schaufler, and Hannah Williams.

The design team includes Stage Manager Krista Reeves, Violence Coordinator Justin Verstaete, and Graphic Designer Michaela Heidemann.

From the press release: “Set in the catacombs beneath Odessa, Ukraine. A seemingly endless network of underground tunnels, it’s the
largest catacomb system in the world. The story centers around Andrew, an American journalist, and Dariya, a
Ukrainian scammer. Andrew has been drugged and left for dead in the catacombs by Dariya and her cohorts, but
Dariya returns for him. As they attempt to escape this underground labyrinth, they get more and more lost… and
the catacombs appear to have a mind of their own.”

“This play has such a deep exploration of being lost, comments David. “Showcasing the fear, hope, acceptance, boredom, determination, and dread that come with it. Pair these with hilarious characters and you have quite a journey. This play lets us be lost in darkness and challenges us to find our own way, and I just love that.”

ODESSA runs September 15 – October 6, 2018 at Otherworld Theatre, The Alchemists Lab. For more information visit TheRBP.org.

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