Right Brain Project Announces “Lured” World Premiere Cast & Staff

Right Brain Project Announces “Lured” World Premiere Cast & Staff

The Right Brain Project has announced the cast and production team for their 2019 season opener, the world premiere of Terry Boyle’s “Lured: The Curse of Swans”

It is the tenth anniversary since Paddy tragically passed away. His passing and the circumstances of his death have created a rift in the family. In order to bridge this uncomfortable awkwardness, Grainne has organized a family trip to Ireland. On the eve of the journey, they prepare to reunite after a period of painful separation.

“The first thing that drew me to ‘Lured’ was the prospect of directing an all-female piece,” said director Becca Holloway. “I think stories for and about women are always important, and are frequently underrepresented. ‘Lured’ is special because it has these intense, relatable, familial conversations set in this world of magical realism based in Irish folklore.”

The play, which is set in contemporary Chicago, is loosely based on the Irish story “The Children of Lir,” in which the idyllic lives of a king, a queen, and their four children are devastated when the queen unexpectedly dies.  Distraught, the king marries his wife’s sister. “Retelling such a story offers a creative challenge to change the balance of gender power without affecting the essential theme of the work,” said Boyle. “‘Lured’ retains the central theme of the tale, appearances can be deceptive, but re-casts the villain.”

The cast for “Lured” includes Annabella De Meo, Liz Goodson, and Sylvie Sadarnac, with understudies Elyssa Trevino and Marisa Lerman. The Production Team includes Assistant Director Taylor Pasche, Stage Manager Susan Herrington, Sound Designer Danny Rockett, Costume Designer Felicia Lowe, and Producers Kathi Kaity and Krista Reeves.

Performances will be at Loyola University March 14 – 16 at Mullady Theatre 1125 W Loyola Ave and March 21 – April 6 at the Athanaeum Theatre, 2963 N Southport Ave. Tickets and more info at www.therbp.org.

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