Spiel Chicago Episode 1: Meridith Friedman

Spiel Chicago Episode 1: Meridith Friedman

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Welcome to the first episode of Spiel Chicago, bringing you stories from behind the scenes of storefront theatre in Chicago. This week, I’m sharing some of my interview with playwright Meridith Friedman.Meridith’s play, THE FIRESTORM, was produced by Stage Left Theater in the Fall of 2015. The play is about an interracial political power couple, Patrick and Gaby, whose lives are thrown into chaos when a racially charged incident from Patrick’s past comes to light.


Playwright Meridith Friedman. Photo by Joey Stocks

Stage Left Theatre is remounting the production as a part of the Chicago Park District’s Theatre on the Lake series this August. You can find tickets for THE FIRESTORM as well as shows by The Yard, Oracle Productions, First Floor Theatre and The Hypocrites here.

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