The Plagiarists Cast MÜNSTERSPIEL

The Plagiarists Cast MÜNSTERSPIEL

Pictured: Tony Kaehny

The Plagiarists have announced the cast and production team for MÜNSTERSPIEL, billed as a “true-ish tragicomedy about the Anabaptist takeover of the city of Münster in 1534.” Pushing the Protestant Reformation to full-on revolution, a communist theocracy held out against a year-and-a-half-long siege.

Gregory Peters, playwright & Plagiarists Artistic Director, said that “The Münster Rebellion is one of those obscure historical moments that changes the way you see history. In so many ways (gender equality, freedom of conscience) the Anabaptists seem so ahead of their time, doomed by the powers that were, but in other ways they seem to be an outsized link in a chain of resistance and revolution that stretches back to pre-Christian Jewish prophecy up through Dada, the Situationists, and punk rock. In this moment, when time seems to stretch and warp while tyranny and greed flourish, the Munster story is a reminder that the struggle remains the same, and that though we may lose battles, the fight must go on.”

MÜNSTERSPIEL runs February 14 through March 16 at the Berger Park Coach House, 6205 N Sheridan Rd. Tickets are “pay what you can.”

The cast includes Tony Kaehny, Sean McGill, Joe Feliciano, Stephen McClure, Jessica Saxvik, Elaine Small, Rae Hamilton-Vargo, Amy Jean Johnson, Patrick Zielinski, Grace Hutchings, and Zach Gossett

Jack Dugan Carpenter will direct, with Assistant Director Wyatt Kent, Stage Manager Becky Bishop, and Production Managers Emma Cullimore and Sara Jean McCarthy. The set & props designer is Erin Gautille, costumes are designed by Emma Cullimore, the composer & sound designer is Stephen Gawrit, the lighting designer is John Jacobsen, and the violence & intimacy designer is Tristin Hall.

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