Connective Theatre to Produce Election Docu-play “Morning in America”

Connective Theatre to Produce Election Docu-play “Morning in America”

Top row L-R: Kade Cox, Cian Evans-Grayson, Kayla Higbee.
Lower row: L-R: Daniela Martinez, Lucas Matteson, Dani Pike.

Connective Theatre Company in partnership with IL Vote at Home has announced the cast for “Morning in America,” a documentary theater project that uses the words of real Americans who share their perspectives on the current state of the country and their hopes for its future.

Connective ensemble member Taylor McWilliams-Woods interviewed 30 Americans from across the political spectrum for the project, who will be played by The thirty Americans whose words are included in the script will be played by Kayla Higbee, Kade Cox, Dani Pike, Daniela Martinez, Cian Evans-Grayson, and Lucas Matteson.

McWilliams-Woods, who also serves as director for the piece, said that after the 2016 election, she was “completely taken aback by the results.” “I felt oblivious to the beliefs of my fellow Americans,” she continued. “I felt naive and disconnected from a country I thought I knew. I took it upon myself to ask family, friends, and strangers what their political beliefs were, where these beliefs came from, and how that informed their identity as Americans in hopes of better understanding the general population’s ideology as well as my own. It is from these conversations that the script was born.”

“Morning in America” will play March 12 -29 (during the March 17 Illinois primary election) at Nox Arca Theatre, 4001 N. Ravenswood. More information at

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