Conspirators Announce New Conspirators

Conspirators Announce New Conspirators

Pictured: Andres Coronado and Jordan Ford

The Conspirators have announced new additions to their collective of artists: actors Andres Coronado and Jordan Ford, and designers Jenna Houck, Colin Meyer and Tom Jasek. Conspirators Danielle Levsky and Sebby Woldt have moved into “The Cadre,” the company’s leadership group.

The Conspirators create in a style of neo-Commedia called simply “The Style”— developed by Tim Robbins and John Cusack from the techniques of Ariane Mnouchkine, Commedia dell’Arte, Bugs Bunny cartoons and punk rock, resulting in timely and irreverent works like “The Deckchairs, or Make the Titanic Great Again” and “Ayn Rand’s ‘It’s A Wonderful Life.'”

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