Raven Has Its THE UNDENIABLE SOUND OF RIGHT NOW Cast and Designers

Raven Has Its THE UNDENIABLE SOUND OF RIGHT NOW Cast and Designers

Pictured (top, l to r): Dana Black, Christopher Acevedo and Casey Morris with (bottom, l to r) Jeff Mills, Lindsay Stock and Henry Greenberg.

Raven Theatre has announced the cast and design for its season closer, the Chicago premiere of Laura Eason’s THE UNDENIABLE SOUND OF RIGHT NOW.

Directed by BJ Jones, the cast includes Christopher Acevedo, Dana Black, Henry Greenberg, Jeff Mills, Casey Morris and Lindsay Stock.

Chicago, 1992. The city and its culture are changing, but grungy old Hank’s Bar isn’t. The “soulless” noise of electronic music is on the rise. Hank, proprietor of a legendary rock club, must battle the rising tide of The Next Big Thing as it threatens to destroy his legacy and fracture his family.

“’The Undeniable Sound of Right Now’ is a Chicago story – set in Chicago and written by fourth generation Chicagoan Laura Eason,” comments Artistic Director Cody Estle. “The play is a somewhat poignant look at the fall of rock music and the rise of house music in the early 1990s. This is a topic Laura knows well, as she was the singer, songwriter and bass player for the Chicago power pop band Tart. I am pleased to present this play about the inevitable changes which come with the passage of time and the coming of age of a new generation.”

The production team includes Jeffrey D. Kmiec (scenic design), Izumi Inaba (costume design), Heather Gilbert (lighting design), Lindsay Jones (sound design), Lacie Hexom (props design), Kanome Jones (casting director), Eli Newell (assistant director), Eric Backus (assistant sound designer), Eileen Rozycki (scenic artist), Cole von Glahn (production manager), Bek Lambrecht (technical director), Alex Beal (master electrician), Wilhelm Peters (stage manager) and Sapier Weinglass (assistant stage manager).

THE UNDENIABLE SOUND OF RIGHT NOW runs May 2 – June 16. For more information visit raventheatre.com.

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